Grease Control Permit

Grease Management Program

The City of McPherson is dedicated to providing quality sewer service for its customers. The Grease Management Program will regulate food service facilities and will provide mechanisms and resources to help control and minimize the introduction of FOG into sanitary sewers.

The Public Works Department has scheduled two public meetings to introduce a grease ordinance for the City of McPherson. The meetings will occur on Monday, December 4, at 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. in the City Commission room at the Municipal Center, 400 E. Kansas. Notices have been sent to all restaurant owners and location managers. The meeting includes a brief PowerPoint presentation followed by a question and answer session. For more information, contact Director of Public Works Jeff Woodward at 620.245.2545 or

DRAFT Ordinance: Grease Management

What is FOG?

Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) comes from cooking oil, shortening, lard, margarine, butter, mayonnaise, dairy products and meat fat in food scraps. FOG can enter the sewer system from washing dishes containing even residual amounts of these items. Large amounts of FOG are commonly found in Food Service Establishments (FSEs).

When FOG enters the drain, it solidifies and builds up in the sewer pipes. As it accumulates, the flow through the pipe is restricted and can cause sanitary sewer overflows (SSO). The end result is sewage backing up into homes, yards, streets, storm drains and waterways. These SSOs can damage property, harm the environment and create health hazards. Backups are expensive, unpleasant to clean up and must be paid for by the business or homeowner.

Food Service Facilities Duty

All businesses have a duty of care under the Environmental Protection Act of 1990 (Section 34) to store, transport and safely dispose of the waste generated. It is estimated 47 percent of all sewer blockages are caused by grease. Food service establishments will be held responsible when grease from their setting is improperly handled, which could result in fines.