McPherson Museum and Arts Foundation offers many services to the public. The Museum houses a variety of artifacts: historical artifacts from the McPherson area; natural history artifacts such as meteorites, Ice Age fossils, and regional fossils; ethnic artifacts from China, Africa, and of Native Americans; and fine art, including an extensive collection of Birger Sandzen lithographs and original art pieces. In addition, there is information about the city and county namesake, General McPherson; about the first man-made diamond large enough to be visible, created in McPherson; items from the McPherson Globe Refiners basketball team, the first team ever to win an Olympic gold medal; and an original MGM mascot lion skin, formerly belonging to a McPherson resident.

Museum events, such as an annual lecture series, educational programs, and social events which both educate and entertain, are mainstays.

The new museum is now open at 1111 E. Kansas Ave. and available for rental. Contact Amy Witt at the museum for more information on rental rates.

rental rates (Current as of 12/2013)