Mission Statement & Organization Chart

McPherson Fire Department Mission Statement

Acting on our Duty and with a sense of Honor and Courage we will provide fire, rescue and Haz-Mat response in order to protect and save lives and property in the City of McPherson, Kansas, and our response territory by:
  • Responding quickly
  • Performing professionally
  • Be professionally trained
  • Utilizing specialized equipment 
  • And always maximizing life safety

Core Values (the 5 Cs)


  • Do the right thing 
  • Challenge adversity
  • Be accountable


  • Know your job
  • Train everyday
  • Embrace change and innovation


  • Work hard
  • Maintain a positive attitude
  • Honor the profession


  • Share freely
  • Work as a team
  • Build partnerships


  • Help in any way possible
  • Treat others with dignity and respect
  • Everyone Goes Home
McPherson Fire Department Organization Chart