Play For All - Wall Park

Play for all

All-Inclusive Play Area: Goal - $125,000

History of the Playground

In 1988, Farmers’ Alliance Insurance and the City of McPherson collaborated to construct the Centennial playground. McPherson children, families, and visitors from the region have enjoyed the play area.

What has happened? 

In April 2019, Travelers Risk Control representatives toured and evaluated the playground at Wall Park from a liability standpoint. For safety, the Risk Control Reps recommended that the play structure be removed altogether. This piece was installed in 1988 and the 30 plus-year-old equipment contained a number of safety deficiencies. The limited capacity of the current park budget coupled with the cost of capital projects such as this playground make the need for private partnership critical.

What you can do. 

This play area is a vital asset to our park and community! The “PLAY FOR ALL” (All inclusive play area) project is a unique opportunity to create a memorable play area for generations to come.  We invite you to join us in building an enticing community and family-friendly environment by making a generous TAX-DEDUCTIBLE DONATION. Community donations and support will turn this dream into a reality.

Let us make it happen together!

We welcome donations in any amount! We hope that our children, young people, and families will join in contributing what they can to be part of this project.

Make Donations Here

Send Donations To: 

New "Play for All" Playground at Wall Park - All-Inclusive Play Area
McPherson County Community Foundation
1233 N Main
PO Box 822
McPherson, KS 67460
Ph: (620) 245-9070

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