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1. How do I protect my home and property from thieves?
2. How do I report suspicious activity?
3. How do I request extra patrol?
4. Is there a warrant for my arrest?
5. How can I find out if my driver's license is valid?
6. Why did an officer respond when I accidentally dialed 911?
7. How do I get a copy of a vehicle accident/collision report?
8. How do I get a copy of a police report?
9. How do I get a Protection from Abuse or Protection from Stalking order?
10. What should I do when I think I have been scammed?
11. Where can I get more information about recognizing scams and avoiding them?
12. What is the City of McPherson curfew for juveniles?
13. What is the City of McPherson park curfew?
14. Who do I contact about a stray cat?
15. Who do I contact for a VIN inspection?
16. How do I obtain a parking permit for the Downtown McPherson business district?
17. How do I obtain a Peddler’s License to sell items door to door?
18. How do I request a street closure for a block party?
19. Who do I call when the power is out?