Engineering Department


Engineering is responsible for providing support on all construction projects with the City. This support is rendered in a number of ways and in varying degrees. Engineering personnel usually perform planning, design and inspection work. On projects utilizing consulting engineers for design services, the department acts as the contact between the City and the consultant. As with any City, McPherson is involved in a wide range of project types. Engineering personnel are therefore required to perform work in areas including:

  • Land Development
  • Sanitary Sewer Lines
  • Sewer Lift Stations
  • Storm Drainage
  • Streams and Watersheds
  • Drainage Studies
  • Streets
  • Sidewalks and Trails
  • Sub-Divisions and Additions
  • GIS Mapping and Analysis

The Engineering Department has the following responsibilities:

  • Provides technical support to the Director of Public Works/City Engineer.
  • Oversees and administers infrastructure contracts for all City, State and Federal partnered projects.
  • Prepares required details, drawings, and designs for City Projects.
  • Reviews plans, specifications and information for new subdivisions/additions to the City of McPherson including drainage, streets, sanitary sewer and storm sewer.
  • Issues Right-of-Way and Utility Cut Permits for; Curb Cuts, Sidewalks, Driveways and Utility Company Work performed in City ROW.
  • Inspects and maintains proper ADA compliance within the City.
  • Administers and carries out stormwater regulations per the current NPDES Phase II requirements.
  • Issues Erosion Control Permits which requires contractors and individuals at construction sites to meet and follow current State and Federal guidelines for Stormwater compliance.
  • Performs technical research and engineering data collection.
  • Performs surveying and design work for in-house City Projects.
  • Maintains the Pavement Management System.
  • Maintains traffic signal timing, programming and video detection hardware.
  • Maintains School Zone beacons programming and hardware.
  • Operates and maintains the City’s GIS mapping system and provides GIS support to other City departments.
  • Responsible for setting traffic counters and providing data analysis.
  • Prepares lists of quantities, specifications and cost estimates for City projects.
  • Reviews plans, surveys and technical specifications.
  • Oversees and manages the City of McPherson’s Sidewalk Program.


All projects have the common requirement of taking a concept through construction. The details from start to finish vary according to project but generally follow these basic lines:

  • Need Identified
  • Scope and Budget Established
  • Contract Awarded Via Bidding Process
  • Construction Performed by the Contractor

During the Construction Process the Department:

  • Inspects and performs QC/QA on Materials and Quantities
  • Documents contractors construction practices
  • Insures materials and workmanship meets contract requirements.
  • Documents as-built plans and field changes
  • Serves as main contact between contractor and City
  • Administers payments
  • Administers change orders and contract adjustments