Snow & Ice Removal

In an effort to support routine travel and emergency services, the City of McPherson assumes basic responsibility for snow and ice control on City streets. Such control is provided in a safe and cost effective manner under the direction of the Public Works Department. Safety, budget, personnel and environmental concerns are all factors that affect overall services. The City of McPherson relies on Street Department employees, equipment and/or contractors to provide overall services.

Snow Removal Protocols

In all snow and ice operations, the first priority is to open and maintain traffic in routes designated as Priority A streets. Efforts will be moved to Priority B and Priority C streets once Priority A streets are serviced and can be maintained in an acceptable condition. In extreme conditions, Priority A streets may absorb the majority of the ice and snow control efforts. Thus, some time may pass before attention can be given to Priority B or Priority C streets.


Snow and Ice Removal Policy
McPherson Snow Removal Map