Our Process

The McPherson Animal Shelter & Crematorium offers communal and private cremation services. You can all the Animal Shelter to schedule a time to drop off your pet or you can have your local vet transport your pet to the Animal Shelter. We have fine-tuned our method for guaranteeing companion animals will be treated with dignity and respect while in our care. We perform a private cremation one animal at a time; each is clearly identified and tracked while with us. This guarantees the remains returned are in fact those of the animal entrusted to us. We also go one step further and process the remains to a fine ash, for easier sprinkling in a cherished location. We will call you when your pet is ready to be picked up. Normally your pet’s remains will be ready within a week depending on how backed up we are. See Pre-Planning for pricing.

For those who decide against a private service, communal services are also a much-needed function. They are much better for the environment. Burying a pet whole or placing them in a landfill increases the risk for the spread of disease into the earth or through scavenging wildlife. Public health safety is protected. Non-Private Cremation is $15.00.