Automotive Restoration

McPherson College is the only college offering a four-year degree in Automotive Restoration Technology.

The academic program provides in-depth learning from dedicated instructors while offering career support services.

Students have access to internships at national museums and restoration shops. Graduates are prepared to step into corporate level restoration entities, become general restorers, join museum settings and become leaders in the industry.

Restoration hobbyists and professionals can participate in the AR Summer Institute offering the same expert instructors and quality facilities. Summer workshops concentrate on specific skill areas and provide hands-on experience.

Maintaining a safe learning environment is at the forefront of the Automotive Restoration Technology program. Tours are no longer available to the general public due to the high capacity of enrolled students. Visitors are encouraged to participate in or attend the annual C.A.R.S. Club Motoring Festival held during the spring semester. Dates will vary depending on the college's academic calendar.