Most Common Code Enforcement Violations


Chapter 50, Article 2, Section 50-31
Accumulation of Junk, trash, limbs and any other items not currently in use and makes a harbor for vermin, rodents, snakes and bugs, stagnant water standing or emits an offensive odor.

Tall Grass or Weeds

Chapter 50, Article 3, Section 50-72
Tall grass, weeds and/or other rank vegetation above 12” in height.

Inoperable Vehicles

Chapter 50, Article 4, Section 50-116
Vehicle(s) on private property failing to meet city standards for being operational.

Overhanging Hedges & Trees

Chapter 70-1-8
Trees or shrubs located on or abutting the property, are to be trimmed, cut or removed because they constitute an obstruction for pedestrians or vehicles. Overhanging branches or limbs are to be cut back to a clear space of sixteen (16) feet above the street or alley and nine (9) feet above the sidewalk or ground.

Dead or Diseased Trees Declared Public Nuisances

F-V-Chapter 90-75
All dead and/or diseased trees, branches on any private property or parking areas abutting private property are declared to be a nuisance affecting inhabitants of the City. It is prohibited to maintain such a tree in that condition. Please also see the City Forester page for details about the tree reimbursement program.

Maintenance of Sidewalk

Chapter 70, Article 1, Section 70-6 thru 70-7
Duty of abutting property owner, to maintain sidewalk, weeds, vegetation growth, holes, and/or depressions causing a tripping hazard.

For more information, download the City of McPherson Sidewalk Replacement Program brochure (PDF)