McPherson Pipe Band

The City of McPherson Pipe Band is the fulfillment of a "pipe dream" of a few individuals who longed to play the bagpipes and bring a bit of the Scottish Highlands to the plains of Kansas. Brought together and inspired by a McPherson High School production of "Brigadoon," the nucleus of a band began in 1981.

The novices and few experienced pipers put their dreams together over a period of a year, and through hard work and dedication, the City of McPherson Pipe Band was organized. Although not officially affiliated with the city, the band chose "The City of McPherson" as its namesake and headquarters because of its Scottish name and central location. The tartan and badge of the Clan MacPherson was adopted for the Band dress.

The City of McPherson Pipe Band continues to perform at local events including the annual All Schools Day Parade. Looking for unique entertainment for your next event? Band members are available for band, ensemble or solo performances. For more information, contact Ty or Chris Kaufman.

The bagpipe is one of the most ancient musical instruments, and has appeared in various forms in many countries and cultures. Its worldwide fame, however, has been associated with the culture of the Scottish Highlands. The bagpipe consists of a leather bag fitted with five pipes: a blowpipe, a chanter with a double reed which produces the melody, and three drones which maintain a constant pitch tuned in octaves to the chanter.

Since the Great Highland Bagpipes sound like no other instrument in the world, it is perhaps fitting that the Scottish drums that often accompany them should have unique sound as well. The side or snare drum has snares on both heads which are tuned to a very high tension producing a crisp, popping sound. The Scottish bass drum has a deeper tone than a traditional bass. Tenor drums are often added to provide an intermediate pitch and to lend extra show to a band.

Scots were dancing to celebrate war and victory when the Romans arrived in Britain in the first century. In the 2,000 years since than invasion, the warlike dances of the Scottish Highlands have been refined into a highly technical art form. Highland Dancing has spread all over the world but is especially popular in the United States and Canada where so many Scottish immigrants settled in the 19th century. Today there are thousands of annual festivals which feature dancing competition with uniform standards worldwide.

 The City of McPherson Pipe Band is a non-fraternal organization, and membership invitation is extended to all persons of any age who express a desire to play the bagpipes or drums, or have an interest in Highland bagpipe music and customs. It is the purpose of The City of McPherson Pipe Band to promote awareness and appreciation of Scottish Highland bagpipe music, dance and customs. All members of the band are eligible for free instruction in piping and drumming and assistance with Highland dancing and customs.