Fireworks Ordinance

Each summer the McPherson Fire Department is inundated with questions about fireworks sales and ordinance changes. Fire Chief T.J. Wyssman confirms the ordinance on fireworks established by the City of McPherson remains constant and encourages all community members to learn the facts.

No person shall sell or discharge fireworks within the city, except between July 2 and July 4, inclusive, in each year, and only between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 10:30 p.m., except that fireworks may be discharged from 10:00 a.m. to Midnight on July 4. For purposes of this article "fireworks" shall mean any pyrotechnical device regulated by the regulations promulgated by the Kansas State Fire Marshal and "state regulations" shall mean such regulations. Except as provided in this section, fireworks, which are lawfully permitted under such regulations, may be sold or discharged within the city. Fireworks shall not be sold or fired at any time on public property, in the public streets or in the central business district of the city which is defined as that area bounded on the north by Woodside Street, on the south by Sutherland Street, on the east by Ash Street and on the west by Maple Street. All fireworks shall at all times be sold, purchased, stored and discharged in accordance with state regulations. The governing body may grant special permission for pyrotechnical displays at such times and places as the governing body may determine. In addition to federal and state prohibitions, the following types of fireworks are shall not be sold or used within the city limits unless part of an authorized pyrotechnical display:
1. Bottle rocket fireworks;
2. Lanterns, sky lanterns or any other uninhabited free floating device which includes a flame or other heating device to heat air as a lifting mechanism;
3. Metal sparklers or other hand-held firework that burn slowly while emitting flames, sparks, and other effects that also contain a stiff metal wire covered in part by a dried slow-burning pyrotechnic composition. Bamboo sparklers shall be permitted.

Fireworks with a Fireman

The McPherson Fire Department educates the community about fireworks safety by sponsoring the annual Fireworks with a Fireman event. The family-oriented event provides a bounce house, kids car wash, water balloons and more. Firefighters also provide live fire displays, an automatic sprinkler demonstration and fire extinguisher training. The event includes instruction on the safe way to set off fireworks. Call 620.245.2505 for more information.


"No person shall sell or discharge fireworks within the city, except between July 2 and July 4."