Fire Safety & Prevention

Fires can destroy property, cause injuries and claim lives. The McPherson Fire Department takes fire safety seriously and is dedicated to sharing preventative messages.

When we educate the public about potential fire hazards and the methods to avoid them, our community becomes a safer place.

Carbon Monoxide
Because carbon monoxide (CO) is a highly toxic gas undetectable to the human senses, victims may become disoriented before realizing they are in danger. One can be poisoned by a large amount of CO over a short amount of time OR by a small amount of CO over a longer period of time. Consider installing a carbon monoxide alarm in your home or business.

Fire Extinguishers
Whether stored in a home or business, fire extinguishers can play a crucial role in preventing a fire from growing. Fire extinguishers should be inspected annually, and all residents or employees should know where they are stored and how they operate. Contact the McPherson Fire Department to request training.

Fire Sprinkler Systems
Heat, flames and smoke can be greatly reduced when a fire sprinkler system is initiated. Sprinkler heads are individually heat activated according to different conditions. Contact the McPherson Fire Department if you are building a new structure or question the need for a fire sprinkler system in your current location.

City ordinance allows the sale and discharge of fireworks on July 2, 3 & 4. The McPherson Fire Department sponsors “Fireworks with a Fireman” annually to educate families about fireworks safety. Prepare for Independence Day by becoming familiar with the City of McPherson Fireworks Ordinance.

Food trucks
The City of McPherson requires all vendors to fill out an itinerant merchant license application. In addition, vendors operating a food truck available to the public must pass an inspection through the City of McPherson Fire Department. All requirements and inspections are based on the 2018 IFC/IBC, NFPA 96 and referenced codes adopted by the City of McPherson. See the attached mobile food vendor inspection checklist. 

Home Fire Drills
Protect your family by creating an escape plan that includes two ways out of the home and designates a safe meeting place. Practice your home fire escape plan at least twice a year and be sure to share your plan with babysitters or frequent visitors. Contact the McPherson Fire Department for additional escape planning tips.

Portable Heaters
While portable space heaters can offer supplemental heat during cold weather, leaving the device on overnight or unattended is a safety hazard. Heaters should be placed on a flat surface at least three feet away from flammable materials such as paper, clothing, bedding or rugs. For assistance in choosing a quality portable heater, contact the McPherson Fire Department.

Senior Citizens
McPherson fire fighters provide free in-home safety reviews for senior citizens. This includes inspecting or installing smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms. Other important topics include cooking safety, fall prevention and home escape planning. Let the McPherson Fire Department help you create a safe home.

Smoke Detectors
Smoke detectors are the most effective early warning device available. They are inexpensive, easy to install and require little maintenance. Smoke alarms should be placed on every floor of your home and outside each sleeping area. For installation assistance, contact the McPherson Fire Department.

Work Place Fire Drills.
Typically the existing fire alarm system is activated during a work place fire drill to help prepare your employees to respond quickly, calmly and safely. Most first drills last no more than 15 minutes. The time you spend preparing your employees could mean the difference between life and death. Let the McPherson Fire Department help you prepare an evacuation plan.